Friday, December 14

Contents page

Well my book is lookng more and more finished everyday! I'm getting pretty pumped about it. Here's the contents page. Text will prob be played with a little but the image is final.

Friday, December 7

How about a bunch of fives?

Here's a bit of rough animation I've put together as an example in the animation section of my book. I was explaining key frames and in-betweens with this and it turned out pretty good considering I certainly ain't a "professional" animator.

Tuesday, November 27

Illustration Friday- Zoo

Well Here's my first sub for ill friday... I'm not a big fan of Zoos. I love animals, but rocking up to a Zoo to watch a lion tread the same worn looping path he's walked for years around a cage depresses the hell out of me. I didn't spend a great deal of time on it as I've got other stuff to do but it was a good loosener and broke up my book work nicely..

Poor old johnny

Here's a illo I banged out just amusing myself whilst bored. The old man turned out looking somewhat like our outgoing priminister and I kinda like the pic. You might think that maube this will be him driving himself to the local woolies to get some milk and newspaper to check the cricket scores. Bout time he was out of government...

Monday, October 22

Front and Back cover

Well I've managed to sneak in some time on my book, and it's slowly coming to fruition instead of being one massive bunch of random illustrations and designs.. so anyways here's the front and back cover in all their glory....

Thursday, August 23

More storyboards

Well here's the other scenario, a little different to what I had mapped out originally. It made me laugh, by the end of doing it the humour was well and trully gone from it so maybe it ain't that funny... if it communicates properly you might get a chuckle out of it. Things in my head have a habit of being very specific to my sense of humour... a lot of "you had to be there" type crap..... anyways onto the next chapter of the book woohooo! oh and it's pg1-3 top to bottom....

Wednesday, August 15

Ah illustrator, bout time I started using it.

Just had some fun mucking around in illustrator. I'll keep using it from now on even though it's a little on the slow side at the mo. Of course 6 months from now I'll be wondering why I ever persisted with freehand.....

I reckon this'd make a sweet graphic novel.... bit o black comedy never goes astray

Tuesday, August 7

Storyboards for animation book....

Well finally some more progress on my animation book that is quite literally taking me an eternity to get finished. Feels good to get some more out the way... get back into the flow of the characters etc..

Wednesday, July 11

What's this? A new post??

well..... I've been in some kinda rut in the last couple of months. This little pic I did for my son Noahso he can stick it on the family wall at his childcare. Not to sing my own praises too much but it absolutely kicks the asses off any thing else on that wall..... pah... photos stuck on a white piece of A4 are no match for the awesomeness of this family setup. That aside.... it'll give Noah something to brag about at childcare, mainly because his robot has flames on it.... and is red...

Tuesday, May 29

blood, such a pretty colour.....

A mate of mine needs some artwork for his metal project called Human Damage experiment. Here's some wise I'll tighten it up in regards to continuity, but I've gotten off to a good start with it

Thursday, March 29

The Barber

Here's another character... yawn... gettin sick of typing that... I like this one tho, personal fav.

Thursday, March 22

E-card Character Final colours

uh...what is says in the title...

Wednesday, March 21


Here's some expressions for Ralph. Not smart, and extremely black and white in his emotions (no freaking pun intended). This character was a bit of a chore though to get flowing with. He has potential, I'll be able to use him well in the storyboarding.

Friday, March 16

Character sheet for Animation book

Well I'm still stuck in the character design section of this book. Time is starting to get tight with the June deadline, but I am enjoying it a lot. This is prob my best work to date and I feel like I'm improving all the time.

Here's a cute little girl named Meego (Funnily enough, heh Meeghan would be eating it up the attention) She may look cute but she can handle her shit that's for sure (much like Meeghan). I figured Meeghan was always asking me to draw her pictures so I thought I'd just immortalise her in this book. I think she'd be happy with that.

Character designs for animated e-cards

Got some fun little projects coming in the form of 25 animated e-cards. I haven't done any flash animation since the Hilltop Hoods vid clip so I'm kinda looking forward to wetting the wistle again on these. There's two main characters to the e-cards and these are it. Simple but effective.

Sunday, March 4

Seems like it was only yesterday

Well here it is twelve months on from when Meeghan passed away. It's hard to believe it's just been me and my boys for a whole year. I don't need to explain to anyone that knew her how much she loved her sons, and that she'll be cursing herself for the foolish mistake she made that took her away from them.

I'll love her forever.

Character Model work

Here's some character model sheet type work, I'm trying to push myself angles wise. There'll be more of the girl to come.

Friday, February 16

The gangs all here.....

Well well, I finally finshed them.....

Tuesday, January 23

Gang Leader continued.....

*yawn* Still trying a few options. Switched the riding crop with a nice Zatoichi-esque japanese sword, just perhaps thinner to compliment her fairly lean frame. Removed the dragon tattoo cos between her sword and suit that's enough dragon really..... I'lll design something else to go on her arm that is equally nasty lookin. so it continues.... I swear I've gotten to the point of over doing it and gone completely past it..... The Buckles are basic at this stage as I really only wanted to get the overall feel of them. If Idecide to go with it I'll clean 'em up and get all the sizes pretty similar...

Thursday, January 18

Finshed Character

Here's the 99% finshed version, just gotta put the riding crop in her right hand and fix up a few minor details. The colours are way off for some weird exporting reason but you get the idea....

Monday, January 15

Early stage of final design

Here's where I'm at with the Gang leader (name yet to be decided). She's coming along ok, but there's still a ways to go to make her really complete...

Thursday, January 11

Animation Book Characters.....

Well this project is still going! The longer it takes the better it seems, as the time spent on it is bearing fruit. Here's some concepts for two of the characters in the gang. The chick is the gang leader, and judging by her appearance I'd say she's got it under control. I've got to develop her outfit further, prob do that when it comes time do her in full colour. The other is one of her henchman, which when it came time to knock up in a final just didn't feel right and needed reworking.

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