Thursday, August 23

More storyboards

Well here's the other scenario, a little different to what I had mapped out originally. It made me laugh, by the end of doing it the humour was well and trully gone from it so maybe it ain't that funny... if it communicates properly you might get a chuckle out of it. Things in my head have a habit of being very specific to my sense of humour... a lot of "you had to be there" type crap..... anyways onto the next chapter of the book woohooo! oh and it's pg1-3 top to bottom....

Wednesday, August 15

Ah illustrator, bout time I started using it.

Just had some fun mucking around in illustrator. I'll keep using it from now on even though it's a little on the slow side at the mo. Of course 6 months from now I'll be wondering why I ever persisted with freehand.....

I reckon this'd make a sweet graphic novel.... bit o black comedy never goes astray

Tuesday, August 7

Storyboards for animation book....

Well finally some more progress on my animation book that is quite literally taking me an eternity to get finished. Feels good to get some more out the way... get back into the flow of the characters etc..

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