Tuesday, February 19

Sam Hill Rough

Here's a rough illo of double downhill world champ Sam Hill. In the last year I've really embraced mountian biking as a sport, not that i compete but it gives me something to go outside and do. Anyways in the interest of generating some new work I'm getting a couple personal projects underway, this being one of them. Sam's features are subtle and took a revision or two to get it right but I'm happy with the initial results. I've got to do a few more lead up illos to get the feel right and work out composition etc. more to come....

Monday, February 4

cover redesign

Ah well it happens doesn't it... the schmos who think only of the $ wanted a cover that had more "pop" on the shelf.... Well here's what is the final cover for my book. I don't mind it but I had others that I preferred a lot more based purely on design.. never the less it still looks good and everyone is happy.

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