Sunday, July 9

social security

If anyone has ever been on the dole or involved with the social security system in this country then you'll prob be able to relate to this pic.... I didn't intend to draw this pic it just kinda fell out on the page and then I thought what would make me cry and want to use a gun?

skateshop stickers?

figured I was gettin a little tired of just doing a lot of pen drawings so I've been hittin' freehand pretty hard and it's refreshingly fun. Colour can sometimes make the difference! This is justa couple of colour muck arounds for potential shop stickers.....

Saturday, July 8

Meeghan's Grandpa

If life wasn't tough enough on my wife Meeghan's family after her death, four months to the very day her grandpa also passed away. He literally could not bear life without her it seems. I was asked to draw a small picture for the attendance book. This is it, it was emotional to do it but it just came to me and I was finished without really thinking about it. He always saw her as his little grandaughter and used to take her fishing, the family wanted a fishing oriented illo so it seemed kinda natural to do it like this...this blog is gettin rather depressing is it not?

to my wifey and her boys

Well it's now been four months since Meeghan died. I must say I feel pretty upbeat these days. I miss her like hell but my memories are now happy ones. This pic popped in my head and wouldn't go away so I put it down on paper and then fiddled aroudn with it in Freehand. Here's a couple of colour versions of it.

Tuesday, July 4

*yawn* just passing the time

Well my boys are keeping me rather tired these days. There's absolutely nothing on TV worth watching so I sat down and doodled some gear whilst listening to the Hilltop Hoods latest "The Hard Road". Quality hip hop that, class all the way. Good aussie stuff. anyways here's what I whittled out of my wooden brain tonight. I like the result considering the train of thought was a fairly blank one. Don't ask me what the dude in the bg is all about.... but he's up to no good me thinks.

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