Thursday, March 29

The Barber

Here's another character... yawn... gettin sick of typing that... I like this one tho, personal fav.

Thursday, March 22

E-card Character Final colours

uh...what is says in the title...

Wednesday, March 21


Here's some expressions for Ralph. Not smart, and extremely black and white in his emotions (no freaking pun intended). This character was a bit of a chore though to get flowing with. He has potential, I'll be able to use him well in the storyboarding.

Friday, March 16

Character sheet for Animation book

Well I'm still stuck in the character design section of this book. Time is starting to get tight with the June deadline, but I am enjoying it a lot. This is prob my best work to date and I feel like I'm improving all the time.

Here's a cute little girl named Meego (Funnily enough, heh Meeghan would be eating it up the attention) She may look cute but she can handle her shit that's for sure (much like Meeghan). I figured Meeghan was always asking me to draw her pictures so I thought I'd just immortalise her in this book. I think she'd be happy with that.

Character designs for animated e-cards

Got some fun little projects coming in the form of 25 animated e-cards. I haven't done any flash animation since the Hilltop Hoods vid clip so I'm kinda looking forward to wetting the wistle again on these. There's two main characters to the e-cards and these are it. Simple but effective.

Sunday, March 4

Seems like it was only yesterday

Well here it is twelve months on from when Meeghan passed away. It's hard to believe it's just been me and my boys for a whole year. I don't need to explain to anyone that knew her how much she loved her sons, and that she'll be cursing herself for the foolish mistake she made that took her away from them.

I'll love her forever.

Character Model work

Here's some character model sheet type work, I'm trying to push myself angles wise. There'll be more of the girl to come.

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