Sunday, October 15

Beware of Ladders......

Don't ask me to explain why these ladders are doing what they're doing, or what the idea behind the advert is because I don't have any more of an idea than you do. This particular job I just did what was asked. "we want ladders invading a country with guns" "we want ladders peeing into a river" "we want ladders getting drunk and rowdy outside a closed pub". Interesting eh? The ad (I've not seen it yet) was going be like a 1940s/50s propaganda flick, with narrator and black and white footage to boot. I had to do three stills for it. I must say for all the obscurity of the theme, I actually enjoyed doing these pics!

Thursday, October 12

Revised Version of Cat

I've further developed the colours on Cat. The saturation just wasn't there in some of the colours. Especially when placed next to the other characters. I'm happy with the way he looks now. Even the yellow bag isn't bothering me too much although I'm not 100% on it. The balance is better overall I think.

Alva, my main man!

Here's Cat's best mate Alva. Constant travelling companion and also, conveniently enough, a mechanic. He keeps their two seater mini jet humming along. I'm pretty stoked with this one. I've found a level of detail I'm happy with as my style is developing from character to character.

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