Monday, May 29

Skate Shop Mural

Here's a fun little project I'm doing at the mo. It's a pic to go on a wall of the local skate shop called "Off The Street". i'm gonna paste it up which oughta be some fun. More so that when some little punk comes along and tags it we can paste another right over the top rather than repainting it. These are just some roughies I've put down to find my direction.

Wednesday, May 10

No one should be alone

Here's a rather sombre insight into my emotions yesterday. Not having Meeghan around is bloody tough, and the longer time goes on the more vivid my memories of our life together are becoming which makes it hard sometimes. I felt very alone yesterday, even with the boys. Nothing compares to the warmth and sense of safe you get from your closest companion.

Tuesday, May 2

Character concept for book

Here's something I threw up last night in a bid to loosen up and get back in the swing of things, I ain't trully satisfied with it, but then again when is any illustrator really happy with what they've drawn?? I tightened up on it pretty quick so it didn't come out as well as it could have but I feel like I'm getting back there...... oh and she will actually have clothes on in the next concept! She's a mean lady who's bit of an alpha female in a mostly male environment. She knows how to kickass!

Monday, May 1

doodling to get the flow back

Well it's literally been two months since I last did anything creative. My head is slowly coming back to the right place and things seem to be clicking back into place. In the interest of posting stuff here that I'm not 100% on here's some scribbling that I did the other day...... Don't ask me what it's about I just let it happen.

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