Saturday, December 6

more bmx goodness

Well here's a somewhat finished version. Still not entirely 100% on it as it still feels a little too simple, although there's plenty of complexity in the pose to offset the simple bg.. will leave it for now I think.

Tuesday, December 2

Little Black bike

Here's another pic which I thought I'd put up as my enthusiasm for bikes and artwork begin to snowball. For a mate's bike shop, this was used in a full page ad in 2020 bmx magazine. Pretty stoked about it, and glad to have done well for a good mate. Made him look 10 years younger in the process.

The top image is one I completed today in it's rough(ish) stage. I had intended to do a final in illustrator but hell, I'm happy with it as it is and am moving onto the next illo!

Sam Hill -remember I mentioned it ages ago?

Well here it is, finally. After a thousands shelvings due other work and some serious procrastination I finally finished it. I'm pretty darn happy with it. All in all it worked out as good as I had hoped. It seemed for a while it would never get finished..
Also got the man himself to sign it!

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