Tuesday, November 27

Illustration Friday- Zoo

Well Here's my first sub for ill friday... I'm not a big fan of Zoos. I love animals, but rocking up to a Zoo to watch a lion tread the same worn looping path he's walked for years around a cage depresses the hell out of me. I didn't spend a great deal of time on it as I've got other stuff to do but it was a good loosener and broke up my book work nicely..


Tony LaRocca said...

I can understand the chair being in there because the lion tamer left it behind after practice, I can understand the lion having a rope, because he could have pulled his mane out hair by hair and weaved them into one, but how the hell did he get up to the top of the cage to tie it on?

gTuz said...

hah hah! I had thought how he might do it.... but I can't explain the knot.. I had considered a rock on the end of the rope so he could have thrown it up there... never the less the chair amuses me the most.

please be friendly said...

You are a macabre one, no mistaking. I too generally dislike zoos, I had to go on a trip to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo with my students (in that brief period of respectful employment as an English teacher), and continually referred to it as "daibutsono purison" (the animal prison). Although to be fair, if I was an animal and I had to choose a life of fear being hunted by poachers or a life of growing fat on daily feedings (bi-daily in the case of the great cats I believe) and throwing turds at people (great ape style), well the choice becomes less clear.

I'm curious how the lion wrote so legibly on the outside of his cage, seeing as it would have been upside down AND back to front for him.

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