Tuesday, February 28

Chapter title pages

Another couple of title pages done and dusted. Keeping it simple, this book is dragging out badly.... not easy looking after two young boys and trying to squeeze enough hours to actually get work done!

Thursday, February 23

*yawn* it's a market.....hurrah....

well it's late again and I've got incredible tunnel vision.... Got this background finished off with a bit of tinkering but it ain't all that I hoped it'd be, the tonal range just isn't there... I might leave it for a bit and try again another day!

Wednesday, February 22

Fio - colour muck around

Here's a splash opf colour for once, even though this'll wind up a greyscale pic I had to let loose some colour! I know the pose is as boring as hell but it's merely a concept for her appearance, I'll do something more dynamic later on when I've prefected her. I'm happy with where she is going style wise..... Not 100% convinced with my colour choices, but I'm yet to experiment fully.

Oooooooh props......

Here's some exciting stuff to draw! never the less it has to be done. Just a brief example of prop design for my book.

Thursday, February 16

Female Character concept

Hey ya! Here's a concept sketch for a female character that saves the day toward the end of the script when it looks like our two heroes numbers are up. This is the first complete concept so it ain't perfect but it's gettin there, gotta think of a name for her too! Also have a female character for the Dom gang too but that'sa little way off.....

Wednesday, February 15

cargo bay sketch

Here's a rough sketch of what the cargo bay looks like inside the cargo plane, the upper deck is accessed via the ramp that is in the up position underneath the opening. Cargo is loaded through the front and then rolled up to the upper deck, so the plane is essentially a dual level cargo plane....

Friday, February 10

Finals of Cat's Jet Tourer- Mechanical model sheets

Well, this is dragging out nicely but at least i've got a little bit to show for it! These are final tech drawings for Cat's jet. Bit of a compact yet sporty flyer this one. Goes fast as well as far thanks to some new fang dangled fuel cells.....beats me how it works!

Devils can be both good and bad can't they?

Got a little off track doing a small graphic for an aircraft in my book, altho I quite like what I came up with, could make some cool T-shirts or something if they get pushed further....

Wednesday, February 8

Final Mechanical Designs

I enjoy detail, theses aren't overly detailed but they've come up well and not taken too long to do. only a couple more mechanical finals to do and I can move onto the storybaords! Finally I'll be able to loosen up again...

Saturday, February 4

cover pages for each section

There's twelve sections in my book. Each section has it's own cover page, just to split it up nicely. Here's 3 of them.

Cover for my book....

Hey Hey! Here's the cover for my book in colour. It's ok I
guess. If I had more time I'd push it some more with the
character but all in all I'm 95% happy with it. The animation frames in the bg are pretty shite tho....The publisher preferred those colours over some others but they initially wanted something way more boring, so it was a decent compromise in the end.

Thursday, February 2

Here's some more of my book. Just the more boring gun and aircraft design. I've gotta start the front side and top views for the model sheets of these designs. The aircraft I've designed down the bottom is a fictional cargo plane, based on a couple of real life aircraft. The weapns above are just miscellaneous objects that would be seen in the animation so they've gotta be designed! again based on the real thing but sort of a mish mash of a few different ones.

Wednesday, February 1


Hmmm........These late nights are killin' me. Not sure from what murky depths this emerged from but after doodling it in a state of total distraction, ten minutes later I was still screwing with it....... maybe I oughta lay off the coffee.....needless to say my book progress has stalled a tad....

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