Thursday, January 29

My Grandfather- 358th Special Duties Squadron. Burma 1944

Here's a rough for a picture I've been meaning to do for a long time. I'm pretty happy with it. I hope my grandfather is too, where ever he's looking down from. He served in a bomber squadron that took the highest risks for those special forces on the ground behind enemy lines. He made it home. He truly is one of my heroes.

Saturday, December 6

more bmx goodness

Well here's a somewhat finished version. Still not entirely 100% on it as it still feels a little too simple, although there's plenty of complexity in the pose to offset the simple bg.. will leave it for now I think.

Tuesday, December 2

Little Black bike

Here's another pic which I thought I'd put up as my enthusiasm for bikes and artwork begin to snowball. For a mate's bike shop, this was used in a full page ad in 2020 bmx magazine. Pretty stoked about it, and glad to have done well for a good mate. Made him look 10 years younger in the process.

The top image is one I completed today in it's rough(ish) stage. I had intended to do a final in illustrator but hell, I'm happy with it as it is and am moving onto the next illo!

Sam Hill -remember I mentioned it ages ago?

Well here it is, finally. After a thousands shelvings due other work and some serious procrastination I finally finished it. I'm pretty darn happy with it. All in all it worked out as good as I had hoped. It seemed for a while it would never get finished..
Also got the man himself to sign it!

Friday, July 4

Doth my eyes deceive me? My Animation book is real!

well who would've thought this day would come? After two and a bit long years of life challenging experiences and procrastination my book was finally finished and has now finally been printed. I'm pretty happy with it, although the matte paper they used inside has killed the colours a little. Aside from that I'm well chuffed.

Tuesday, February 19

Sam Hill Rough

Here's a rough illo of double downhill world champ Sam Hill. In the last year I've really embraced mountian biking as a sport, not that i compete but it gives me something to go outside and do. Anyways in the interest of generating some new work I'm getting a couple personal projects underway, this being one of them. Sam's features are subtle and took a revision or two to get it right but I'm happy with the initial results. I've got to do a few more lead up illos to get the feel right and work out composition etc. more to come....

Monday, February 4

cover redesign

Ah well it happens doesn't it... the schmos who think only of the $ wanted a cover that had more "pop" on the shelf.... Well here's what is the final cover for my book. I don't mind it but I had others that I preferred a lot more based purely on design.. never the less it still looks good and everyone is happy.

Friday, December 14

Contents page

Well my book is lookng more and more finished everyday! I'm getting pretty pumped about it. Here's the contents page. Text will prob be played with a little but the image is final.

Friday, December 7

How about a bunch of fives?

Here's a bit of rough animation I've put together as an example in the animation section of my book. I was explaining key frames and in-betweens with this and it turned out pretty good considering I certainly ain't a "professional" animator.

Tuesday, November 27

Illustration Friday- Zoo

Well Here's my first sub for ill friday... I'm not a big fan of Zoos. I love animals, but rocking up to a Zoo to watch a lion tread the same worn looping path he's walked for years around a cage depresses the hell out of me. I didn't spend a great deal of time on it as I've got other stuff to do but it was a good loosener and broke up my book work nicely..

Poor old johnny

Here's a illo I banged out just amusing myself whilst bored. The old man turned out looking somewhat like our outgoing priminister and I kinda like the pic. You might think that maube this will be him driving himself to the local woolies to get some milk and newspaper to check the cricket scores. Bout time he was out of government...

Monday, October 22

Front and Back cover

Well I've managed to sneak in some time on my book, and it's slowly coming to fruition instead of being one massive bunch of random illustrations and designs.. so anyways here's the front and back cover in all their glory....

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